Our Story

   "Well where to begin, the first time I met Hannah I think I was a freshman in high school. At that time she was a sophomore and was very outgoing. I on the other hand was nothing more than a completely shy and nervous teenage boy. So when she went out of her way to introduce herself to me I'm pretty sure I started sweating through my shirt the moment that she started walking towards me. Now granted I learned with time that this was just her being herself, going out of her way to be kind and friendly towards everyone who she didn't know, I couldn't help but ask myself 'I wonder if she likes me?'

Needless to say she didn't. Or at least not the way I would have liked. For the next year, aside from randomly walking by each other and nervously saying 'Hey Hannah' and her 'Hi Jeremy' I thought I might as well let it go.

"I loved that we had the same sense of humor, a little twisted, and could joke about the most random things."

But then, that first day of school my sophomore year, I walked into my Algebra II class (almost entirely comprised of Juniors) and there she was with an open seat nearby. Well this was my time to stop being a shy little kid I thought, plus I was pretty good at math so at least maybe I could help out. Throughout the school year I think I helped her and her group of friends on most every homework assignment, and maybe an exam or two. But once again, being a math nerd that was easily taken advantage of for better grades made me popular for one class period a day but that was about it. (An interruption from Hannah: Without the help from Jeremy I would not passed that class, but the only reason I let him help me was because he was the silliest guy to be around once you got to know him. I loved that we had the same sense of humor, a little twisted, and could joke about the most random things.)

"... and before I knew
it she was telling me
her number."

The school years came and went and our paths didn't cross again until one summer evening when on a whim I decided to go for a run. It had been a hot day but it was coming to an end and I always liked seeing the sunsets from the top of peet's Hill. I had been running more that summer, I wanted to stay in shape for the coming ski season. Normally I would have stopped at the top of the first climb but I had more energy than usual so I kept on going. I remember having a quiet moment watching the sun fall wishing that I could share it with someone else.

As I ran down the trail on my way home there was a group of three people at the top of the first hill where I normally would have stopped. But standing right in the center of the trail there she was looking right at me as I put on the breaks. We talked and caught up immediately, I joked and she laughed and before I knew it she was telling me her number. She didn't have a pen so I had to remember it, she told me that it was really easy and that she had this thing with the number eleven. I guess it keeps on recurring. For the next mile home I repeated the numbers to each step. Five eight one one one one two, five eight one one one one two, ....Well I still haven't forgotten.

Well that was the beginning for me at least. I'll let Hannah tell the rest."


   "So I went through the rest of high school not really ever seeing Jeremy after that Math class, and then I headed out west to Tacoma, WA to pursue my degree. After being away from home for the first year of college, when I got back to Bozeman for the summer I was eager to hangout with my closest friends at our favorite hangout: Peet’s Hill. There we would watch the sunsets, enjoy our time together, and speculate where we would all end up, what we would be, who we would become. On that particular evening it was quite breezy on the hill, and of course because I had long hair it kept ending up in my eyes and in my mouth. Fed up I turned towards the wind to get my hair under control, and there running on the trail towards me was a great surprise, Jeremy. It was there in the colors of the sunset that Jeremy and I caught up on things. I was just so happy to run into a friend that I had let fall out of my life.

"I wonder if I ever would have turned around to see my one true love"

That summer we began our odd excursions together which included dressing in costume and going to Wal-Mart to see what we could get away with, Benny and Joon poker (where he lost a bet and had to dress in a tight hot pink tank top and go out in public), and there were also moments where we would just hangout on the porch swing on my front porch and talk, go on hikes in the mountains, and watch movies together. It was a very special friendship that was always hard to leave each time I visited Montana from college. We both knew if I would have just stayed in Montana life would have taken a very different course. However, because we both enjoyed our friendship so much we made ways of staying in each other’s lives whether it was by the frequent phone call, instant messaging, putting inappropriate things on each other’s FaceBook walls, and always hanging-out as if we were in the same area.

Months before I completed my Graduate program Jeremy came to Washington to job search. Of course we hungout since he was in the area, but with my future possibilities finally up in the air, we took a chance together and had our first kiss on the top of a building in Seattle. One of my pet peeves use to be the wind because although it could be a nice sunny day out, the wind could blow away any chances of having a good time outside. Now though, I have a new appreciation for it. Without the wind blowing hair into my eyes and mouth I wonder if I ever would have turned around to see my one true love."

And that’s our cheesy story and we are sticking to it.


Set-up & Arrival Time   |    12:00 pm
We will playing a variety of outdoor and indoor games thoughout the day. If you plan on camping (see "venue"), come and set-up any time between noon and dinner.

Drinks & Dinner   |   5:30 pm
Dinner will include Gary “Old Man” Gullickson’s infamous pig roast and a POT LUCK style buffet. Bring your favorite dish, side, or beverage. BYOB.

Ceremony   |   8:00 pm
Hannah and Jeremiah exchange vows at sunset.

Toasts & Dessert   |   8:30 pm
Coffee and sweets.

Costume Contest   |   9:30 pm
Prizes will be awarded to those donning the best attire (see "costumes"). At this time we will also heckle costume-less guests, so arrive in style!

Dance Party   |   10:00 pm - Sunrise
Campers be advised - bring ear plugs if you plan on sleeping!

Breakfast  |   9:00 am
Mmmmmmmmm, pancakes, coffee, eggs, bacon, oh my!


The Barn at Weather Rock
The wedding ceremony and activites will take place 32 miles outside of bozeman below the Bridger Mountains at the beautiful Weather Rock Barn.

Directions from Bozeman
The Address is 678 Flathead Creek Rd (also known as MT Highway 86).
• Take the Bridger Drive / Bridger Canyon Road (also marked as Highway 86)
  east out of Bozeman.
• Follow this PAVED road all the way passing Bridger Bowl Ski Area.
• Staying on the same paved road watch for mile marker 30.
• Between mile markers 30 and 31, exactly at the Park County line, turn left
  (north) at the 3 mailboxes on a short gravel road.
• The Weather Rock Barn is a couple hundred yards over the hill.

Signs will be posted along the route. Cell reception is minimal at the Weather Rock Barn so plan accordingly.

Where to Stay
You can choose to camp on site or stay in Bozeman. For information regarding hotel rooms, contact the father of the bride, Gary “Old Man” Gullickson, at (406) 581-1516. Amenities at the Weather Rock Barn include running water, but no showers and limited electricity.



Together we go on a life time adventure, happy as all can be
Because Hannah’s a packrat and too sentimental we have all the things that we need.
We have Nana’s dish set, a really cool couch, computers, tools, and odd things
We have no need for stemware, china, towels, kitchen appliances, or those silly ol’ napkin rings.
But what we do need is a place to call home, we are pretty well through with apartments.
They are empty expenditures, money thrown in a hole, we are looking for a lifetime investment.
Instead of gifts we are asking for money so we can save up for a place to call home -
a place for our kitties, and some day a dog, and a garden with a spot for our gnome.
Whatever you give will make us ecstatic, contributions to our dreams are exciting!
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you so much, and hope to see you at our one-of-a-kind wedding.
- Hannah Gullickson

Costume Contest

We understand that our wedding is quite peculiar, but if you know who we are this special event is a direct reflection of our personalities and how we like to live life. Honestly though, we realize that on our wedding day we are going to have all of our most favorite people gathered at one central location and when else does that happen in life? We want to make sure everyone is having a good time and if they made a long trek that it was well worth it. The wedding costume idea sprang from the notion of having people fully participate and interacting with each other, and what better way than to make everyone look ridiculous together! We are serious about everyone wearing a costume, so have fun with it, go all out, and remember there’s a costume contest with prizes!

Prize Categories:
Popular Vote
Best Couple
Most Hilarious
Most Inappropriate
Most Creative


We truly hope you can attend our wedding on August 18th. If you cannot make it and would still like to send a gift you can mail it to:

404 South Church
Bozeman, MT 59715

If you have any questions or would like to contact the bride and groom, please email us at HannahandJeremiah@gmail.com

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